IPCC Report AR6, February 2022.


In France, the majority of political decision-makers, members of parliament and government officials, do not read the IPCC* report summarized for them. In other words, hundreds of scientists from all over the world get together to produce a huge amount of work published every five years – synthesizing more than 9200 studies and reaching an international scientific consensus on climate – and the political decision-makers do not read it.


They consciously look the other way.

So, do I have to tattoo it on my breasts for you to read it?


*The IPCC report is the world’s scientific reference on climate (causes, impacts, possibilities for limiting the extent of disruption and adapting). Scientists from all over the world, mandated by 195 governments, synthesize more than 9200 studies and reach a clear scientific consensus. That is to say, figures and scenarios on which everyone agrees and on which we must work. This report is at the heart of the international climate negotiations (the COPs) and serves to alert decision-makers and civil society alike. It is indispensable.

Modèle – Charlotte Lourme ; Assistante photographe – Pauline Robert ; Tatoueur – tradertoueur.

Tattoo source text ; Headline Statements from the Summary for Policymakers (August 2021):

Summary for Policymakers,  AR6 Working Group I contribution, The Physical Science Basis (August 2021):

Summary for Policymakers, AR6 Working Group II contribution, Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability (February 2022):